The Last Outpost

by Chris Ellis

South African Rural Medical Practice - A Photographic Journy

The Rural Healthcare Initiative is a programme designed to support healthcare in the rural areas. its focus is on patients and equity in healthcare for rural and disadvantaged communities. The health services in these areas are currently dealing with the HIV/AIDS epidemic as well as malaria, tuberculosis and malnutrition.

There are two candles flickering in the rural areas. One is for the rural patient and the other for the rural health worker. They both need your help. We need doctors and healthcare workers of all disciplines. If you are interested in this challenging work, contact [email protected] or for further information log onto Rural Health Initiative .

South African Rural Medical Practice - A Photographic Journy

Table of Contents

Portfolio 1: A condition you will never see

Portfolio 2: The sores that creep up the leg

Portfolio 3: A teenager with a swollen leg

Portfolio 4: A pair of feet from Hlatikhulu

Portfolio 5: A child with bronchopneumonia

Portfolio 6: I wish I had taken a photograph

Portfolio 7: Things are not always what they seem

Portfolio 8: The perils of mountain climbing

Portfolio 9: In search of diagnostic certainty

Portfolio 10: What is a measle?

Portfolio 11: Diarrhoea waits for no man

Portfolio 12: The Creeping Eruption

Portfolio 13: Cicatrix Scalp

Portfolio 14: A case for Sherlock Holmes

Portfolio 15: Where the tar road ends

Portfolio 16: Coming and going

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